Francis Ian M. Gonzaga

Francis Ian M. Gonzaga


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Nam, 32 tuổi.

Đang sống tại Bacolod, Philippines.

I am teacher Francis. I am from the Philippines and I am 30 years old. I have a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication at the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos. I am a fun loving person and l love reading books, playing sports and spending time with my friends over a cup of coffee.

I have been working as an ESL teacher for 5 years now. I started teaching online in 2010. I taught Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese and Vietnamese students. I started with SRJ learning center and my students were Koreans.

I always find it interesting whenever I talk with my students especially when I get to learn about their culture. I love teaching because it gives me the chance to share the knowledge I gained over the years. It's an opportunity for me to inspire and motivate people to love English. I am committed to my profession and I know that I have enough experience to share with my students.

IELTS Communication skills

Started working as an Online ESL teacher since 2012.

I taught Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese from toddler to professionals. I've been with Wowskype since February of 2017. Also working at YOLO English learning center as an offline ESL teacher in Hanoi Vietnam

*Basic English = Simple sentence construction (From greetings to conversation to Business English)

*Parts of speech


*Vocabulary (words, antonyms and synonyms to spelling)

*Reading ( Reading techniques)

*Listening ( listening techniques)

*Speaking (pronunciation, diction, intonation, pacing, and accent)

Mass Communication
tại University of Negros Occidental Recoletos

Online ESL teacher
tại SRJ Learning Center từ 2012-06 đến 2016-10
Head ESL teacher
tại YOLO English learning center từ 2018-03
Teaching ESL to students age 5-16

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