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Hey guys. This is Noren and I would love to help you improve your communication skills. I am fluent in both written and spoken English and I will do my best to teach you what I know. I love teaching and I will make sure you enjoy my classes. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

IELTS TOEIC Communication skills Business

I am a graduate of Teacher Education and I am a licensed English teacher. I have been teaching students from different countries like Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan for more than 4 years now. I have taught students with different level skills, both children and adults alike.

I believe students should have more talking time so they can practice expressing their opinions in English. Discussions and real life conversations that are related to the topic/material can be a good way for each student to share their ideas. I believe that the more time they spend expressing their views on a certain topic or issue, the more development they will have as they themselves will have a direct experience of the language.

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